April Guests Posted April 15, 2013


Dear Kylee & Kym,

Herewith visualise a bucket full of our sincere thanks for the amazing space, atmosphere and peaceful energy.

I awoke this morning feeling the closest I have in years to my love for Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. I leave here inspired to carve, model and cast a thousand Buddha’s. I hope you don’t mind that I tool images of the beautiful ones at your porch.

Please contact us once we are home in May, I would like to send you images of the above mentioned work and more.

I leave you this little wire piece, hope you like… (I can’t ever go on holiday without taking wire to bend and keep my hands out of mischief!!)

The style I have evolved is, if you look closely, making single-line 3D sketches. This one begins and ends at the third eye. Sunshine permitting, we may be back to see some area we could not due to the Rain.